Once upon a time

It all began years and years go (she’ll kill us for saying that) when Jess (our founder) found herself unfulfilled by the opportunities available after a traditional University education that focussed on graphic communication and brand messaging…

In Jess’ words…

I wanted to find a way to blend my love of design and storytelling and there just didn’t seem to be a traditional route for me to do that, at the time. After trying (really hard) to work for other people, I couldn’t find the right creative environment to follow my passions or a place where I really seemed to fit. It seemed, the only way to do that was to build one myself.


My obsession turned to building a team of experts who were as passionate as I was about how we communicate, how we tell stories and talented AF at creating worlds from nothing.  


And making sure that no-one, ever, had the Sunday dreads.


So that’s what I did.

Like most animation agencies, when we started our studio, we set out to create truly inspiring animated explainer videos…

Nothing unusual about that ambition.


But creative agencies can often be frustrating to work with – they may be talented, but don’t always take the time to really understand your brief and your brand. They seem more interested in their vision than yours and sometimes, you don’t know what you’re going to get until you’ve got it!

And it’s why we’ve developed a unique alchemical process that means you’ll never be left in the dark.

We’ll make sure you’re involved from start to finish, from scripting to storyboarding and from voiceovers to visual effects – every detail will be agreed with you at every stage.


When you work with the Wizards (as we’re affectionately called) , you leave nothing to chance. No fuss, no frustrations. Just magical animated content that helps you stand out.

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