Our work for the Tom Channon Safety Campaign: Safety Advice after Teen’s Death

Teenagers heading on their first holiday with friends will get advice on staying safe abroad after an 18-year-old died in a popular Spanish resort. 

Tom Channon fell 70ft (21m) over a knee-high wall in Magaluf during his first trip abroad with friends in 2018. The bilingual education packs created with the Channon family, including our animated video, are being sent to schools and colleges across Wales.

Tom’s mum, Ceri Channon, said: “We all want our youngsters to go away, have fun and come home. We wanted that with Tom and the worst possible thing happened to us,” she added. “For us, this is Tom’s legacy. Tom would have achieved great things and this is his achievement now, that he’ll hopefully make more and more people aware that when they go away, there are dangers.”. 

You can read the full BBC article here.

The Stay Aware, Stay Safe, Stay Together campaign provides practical information for young people planning their first independent trip. It contains a series of videos which include interviews with Tom’s parents and some of his closest friends. Our video also highlights common holiday scenarios and advice on the best ways to enjoy a holiday safely.

It is hoped the material will be used in well-being and pastoral sessions to prompt further discussion among students about how to enjoy their holiday with friends safely. At St David’s Catholic College, Cardiff, where Tom studied for his A-levels, students have already had the opportunity to experience the new holiday safety session.

We are incredibly proud to have such talented artists working here at Tiny Wizard Studio. They get very passionate and invested in projects and knew that something that has this much emotion attached to it should have a personal touch with hand-drawn characters and traditional methods. We’re so pleased that St David’s College could see the value in this too. 

We are very proud to be involved in the campaign and the wizards are looking forward to attending the launch of the campaign on Wednesday 15th June, at the College, to show our support. 

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