Project Animated Explainer Video for Medication

Animated Explainer Video for Medication


Animated Explainer Video

Script Writing

Character Design

Consumer Research

Voiceover Artist

About Medac

Medac stands for a human-centric perspective. Situated near Hamburg, they have been a pharmaceutical trailblazer dedicated to oncological, urological, and autoimmune disease treatment since 1970. Their mission revolves around unwavering support, which resonates through our products for patients, doctors, and hospitals. Moreover, they take immense pride in embracing responsibility and holding themselves to high standards. With a deep understanding of unique medical needs, they channel expertise into reliable solutions that uplift lives.

animated explainer video
Concept Art
animated explainer video
Concept Art


Our challenge was to create an engaging animated explainer video for Medac’s innovative product, Metoject, with the goal of easing patients’ anxieties when it came to self-administering new medications. Consequently, this animation was particularly important for patients who had to navigate difficult procedures by themselves.

To achieve this, the goal was to produce an animation that resonated with a diverse audience, spanning various age groups. It was important that we struck a balance between accessibility and simplicity, ensuring that essential information about Metoject’s product remained clear and concise.


Through the magic of animation, we skillfully distilled intricate processes into clear visuals, utilising relatable characters to effectively engage diverse audiences. These creative images not only simplified complexities but also made the video suitable for patients of all ages. Furthermore, this approach enhances the medication introduction experience, particularly for those who might feel anxious or unfamiliar.

animated explainer video
Character Development
animated explainer video
Final Character Development

Animated Alchemy

Leveraging Medac’s detailed brand identity, we seamlessly harmonised animation with their ethos. Patient insights carefully guided our narrative, ensuring both relatability and effectiveness. Furthermore, beyond patient assistance, the animation effectively extended Medac’s outreach, significantly raising awareness of its innovative product.

Enduring Impact

Given Medac’s global reach, an animated explainer video ensures constant value. Moreover, as regulations evolve, animation can be refreshed easily, effectively eliminating language barriers through effortless translation. This future-proof asset not only relates across cultures but also maintains relevancy without compromise.


Script Writer – Jess Indge

Lead Animator – Gareth Axford

Project Manager – Becky Philpott

Voiceover Artist – Ritchie Clark

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