Project Animated Video – ‘Bee The Change’

Animated Video – ‘Bee The Change’

Client: Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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About the Client

Over the past century, our bumblebee populations have dwindled, with two species vanishing entirely and others facing dramatic decline. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust emerged to address the urgent “plight of the bumblebee.” The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is dedicated to fostering a world where bumblebees thrive and hold value. These cherished pollinators, critical for crop growth and wildflower pollination, fuel their relentless efforts.


The Trust aimed to expand its reach and engage audiences in the journey of bumblebee queens seeking nests. With a growing support base, the challenge was to captivate a wider audience with the captivating tale in the form of an animated video.


Inspired by our Plant Life animation, the Trust envisioned a captivating story to depict how bumblebee queens find homes. Targeting environmentally-conscious homeowners and bee enthusiasts, the animation would convey information while fostering a deeper connection.

animated charity video
animated charity video


During an immersive session, we delved into bumblebee behaviour and the significance of their nests. The queen’s quest for a perfect home was unveiled, revealing the vital role of suitable gardens in their survival. The session fueled our creativity, empowering us to craft an engaging narrative.

Animation Magic

Our lead animator, Gareth, breathed life into the bumblebee queens. His passion for zoology and animation merged perfectly, ensuring anatomical accuracy and budget-friendly innovation. The animated charity video’s significance amplified the urgency of its delivery.

Lasting Impact

As a not-for-profit collaboration, time and budget efficiency were paramount. Our streamlined process led to an on-time and on-budget delivery, embraced by the Trust’s team and scientists alike. This animation, a beacon of education and action, resonated profoundly. The animated video’s launch across social media celebrated the Trust’s ongoing efforts. Positive responses mirrored our smiles, envisioning a landscape of new nesting sites and a thriving bumblebee future.


Script Writer – Jess Indge

Lead Animator – Gareth Axford

Project Manager – Becky Philpott

Voiceover Artist – Sara Starling

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