Project Arrow Planning

Animated Explainer Video for Arrow Planning

Meet the Client

Winner of best small planning consultancy 2022, Arrow Planning provides clear, concise, planning advice to clients leading projects from initial appraisals through to implementable planning permissions. Their projects range from small developments to Strategic Urban Extensions and new settlements.

The Brief

They have been building their business since 2017 and are looking to the future of Arrow Planning more than ever before. The team decided to celebrate this huge milestone with an animated explainer that would also be used as an important asset on their brand new website. They came to the wizards to help tell the story of Arrow Planning through animation, with a fun twist.


Our wizards sat down for an all important discovery workshop, to learn why Arrow Planning needed this animation. We took a deep dive into all of the past projects the team had worked on, and what they saw for the future of Arrow Planning. This is also a great stage to find out what boundaries we could push to help make this video a triumph. 


With a clear understanding of what Arrow Planning were expecting, including some fun ideas to keep this animation lively, our wizards got to work creating an engaging script with unique visuals that help introduce the audience to the story of Arrow Planning and their goals and ambitions for the future. Here we got to develop an idea from the discovery session, the Arrow Planning Wing People.

Concept Art

The Arrow Planning Wing People were at the top of our Wizards to do list when it came to creating concept art. We needed to start this stage by showing the team at Arrow Planning the different ways we could visualise these characters as well as how they had been developed from initial sketches. 


Storyboarding is the first time the client really gets a chance to visualise how the animation will look and flow from beginning to end. It gives everyone a chance to make any last changes to the language, scenery, colours, and characters before we enter the production stage. Because our process is rock solid, any changes or concerns have been worked out by now and storyboarding is a smooth process.


The final animation was a perfect summary of what Arrow Planning do. (Without being full of jargon.) The Wing People fitted into the narrative, helping show the dedication that their team put into every one of their projects. We also gave the audience an insight into the areas in which Arrow Planning work, so that potential clients have a clear idea of what the team could do to help them.

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