Project The Artisarnie Clwb

The Artisarnie Clwb

Meet the client

Husband and wife team Sarah and Mark Beaumont bought The Producers Catering because they believed the product was something special. Delicious ready-to-eat foods and high-quality catering featuring bespoke, handmade sandwiches filled with a generous helping of fresh ingredients. With a passion for food, customer-first service and big ambition, Sarah and Mark had all the makings of a brilliant business. All they needed was a brilliant brand.

The brief

Impressed by the agency’s personality-driven brand expression and sharing their love of workplace dogs, Sarah and Mark felt an immediate kinship with Tiny Wizard Studio. Their goal was to come out of the 2020 enforced hibernation in the way that a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly – a brand transformation to take them to the next level. Tiny Wizard was tasked with creating a distinctive identity that separated them from the large retailers whilst enabling them to locally compete with the national suppliers.


The name; The Producers Catering, didn’t quite cut the mustard in expressing the fun, fresh personality of the brand, the artisan quality of the handmade products – or even that they made sandwiches! They were playing around with names like Artisandwich and Zest, but through a thorough discovery session we came up with Artisarnie. The rest is history as they say. It reflects the fun-loving passion of the brand and ‘Clwb’ was added to express exclusivity, encourage loyalty and show Welsh pride.

Vision board

Before diving into design, it’s important to make sure we’re all on the same page. To do that, we like to develop a vision board or discovery document that explores everything from the competition, industry trends, various options for design directions and even the possibilities of how the brand could be activated across different touch-points, materials and content.


With feedback from the discovery and vision board stages, we had a really good idea of what the clients were looking for and expecting and began working on some initial identity designs for review. It was important here to not play it safe, we can always reign it back in afterwards. Not being adventurous enough can be a brand’s downfall and exploring every route, however unconventional, is a must.


Simple, fun and fresh, the logo conveys delicious quality and friendliness in a modern way that is as aspirational as it is approachable. The illustration of a big sandwich filled with generous ingredients showcase the brand’s star product whilst the ink-stamp treatment of the linework gives it an authentic feel. The name is literally sandwiched in the middle in a font that is contemporary and clean, driving the idea that Artisarnie is a substantial company, able to satisfy retailers and consumers alike, yet small enough to care.

Brand guidelines

The brand’s colour palette was incredibly important in expressing Artisarnie’s vibrant personality and exuberant passion. Primary colours Dark Navy, Bright Red and Warm Grey are bold and confident with modern sensibility whilst secondary colours Sunny Yellow and Spring Mint express the brand’s enthusiasm, friendliness and fun-loving nature.

Using the same line work illustration style of the logo, Tiny Wizard developed a range of different icons to help the brand send its messages of convenience, quality and tastiness. Artisarnie had everything they needed to launch their new look. The identity stands out boldly against the rustic boxes and paper, with details such as coloured handles, branded stickers and fun flags driving value and instant recognition of The Artisarnie Clwb. And as a brand that cares, everything is recyclable.

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