Project Animated Video – Police Awareness Campaign

Animated Video – Police Awareness Campaign

About the Client

Gwent Police’s vigilant efforts span 600 square miles, safeguarding various local authorities and key routes. Their community-oriented approach embraces residents, businesses and visitors. Collaborating with neighbouring forces, emergency services, and organisations, Gwent Police ensures efficient resource utilisation. Behind the scenes, their extensive expertise provides essential support, legal insights, and training, underpinning community safety and well-being.

Awareness Campaign For Police Forces with Animated Video
Awareness Campaign For Police Forces with Animated Video.


Tasked with implementing a new procedure, Gwent Police turned to animation as the solution. They required a series of animated explainer videos, as well as a robust brand for the campaign, to introduce Recognise and Respond. Drug testing on arrest is a powerful tool to identify drug misuse in offenders. DTOA ensures that offenders can access treatment and support to tackle their drug-related offending. It was so important we got this right. To do that, we needed to harness the power of storytelling through animated video.


To enable us to create an awareness campaign with animated video we approached the project with a keen understanding of the power of storytelling, especially when it comes to communicating complex or sensitive subjects. Recognising that the human brain is wired for stories, the team delved deep into the essence of the initiative, distilling its complexities into a narrative that was both relatable and engaging.

To simplify the intricate details of the procedures, our storytellers wove a tale that provided context, highlighting real-world scenarios in which these new methods would be applied. By humanising the information and presenting it within the framework of a story, officers were not just given raw data or processes to remember but instead were introduced to relatable characters and situations, making the information more memorable and easier to digest.

Storytelling, by its very nature, allows for the introduction of empathy, making it particularly effective for sensitive topics. By watching these animated explainer videos, officers weren’t merely informed about the initiative; they were made to feel its importance, understanding the human impact behind the procedures. This emotive approach not only ensured a deeper comprehension but also fostered a genuine connection to the Recognise and Respond initiative, ensuring officers were not just informed, but truly ready to implement the new practices with sensitivity and dedication.

From Concept to Reality

Following the introduction of Tiny Wizard Studio’s animated video, Gwent Police experienced a notable uptick in officer understanding and engagement with the Recognise and Respond initiative. The storytelling approach made complex procedures accessible and memorable, leading to quicker adoption rates. The emotional resonance of the videos meant officers weren’t just aware of the new methods; they were committed to applying them with care and precision. This innovative approach transformed not just knowledge retention but also the enthusiasm and confidence with which the initiative was embraced.

Guided by the Brand

The branding journey for Recognise and Respond was overseen by our sister company, Alchemy Branding, with guidelines that ensured the Recognise and Respond brand’s consistent representation. Gwent Police have used these to help develop an app, a vital portal for officers, designed to align with the brand’s style and enhance the user experience.

The success of the Recognise and Respond initiative within Gwent Police underscores the transformative power of the animated video as a communication tool. By harnessing the compelling nature of storytelling and visual representation, animated videos can distil complex ideas into engaging narratives, ensuring both understanding and commitment. As witnessed, when it comes to conveying intricate or sensitive information, an animated video is not just a presentation method—it’s a game-changer.

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Script Writer – Jess Indge

Lead Animator – Gareth Axford

Animator – Jordan Hinnem

Project Manager – Becky Philpott

Brand Manager – Loren Coad

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