Project Bengo Media

Bengo Media

Meet the client

Bengo Media are a boutique audio production agency. From podcasts to radio programmes, audiobooks to audio guides, they’ll give voice to your vision. Audio has the power to stop people in their tracks. With oodles of experience in creating content for the BBC, commercial radio and government; small, medium and large companies alike, Bengo are here to help you do just that.

The brief

In this fast-paced, tech-savvy world, creating content that will stand out in a crowd has never been more important. Bengo, doing what they do, are acutely aware of this and needed some captivating content to promote their services.


With a team of experts who are passionate about what they do, it was easy for them to get across, in a face to face scenario at least, the benefits of what they can offer to clients. However, with a global pandemic in full swing, they were keen to transfer this knowledge into digestible and captivating sales tools to send out digitally, populate their website with and share on social.

Print & Digital

Our creative team set to work pulling all the info out of the talented Bengo brains and developed a suite of digital brochures to showcase their services and processes. They already had a strong brand identity and an effective website, so the wizards worked to make sure all the accompanying materials were consistent with the brand, reflected their values and were in tune with their naturally positive and quirky tone of voice.


In addition to the print and digital documents, we developed an animated explainer video for Bengo, which would be hosted on the home page of the website, be published across social media and be used in email campaigns. We utilised a great deal of the artwork produced for the digital and print materials to make sure the content was consistent and on-brand.

With our robust production process, Bengo had ownership of the development all the way through and clear checkpoints for feedback and amends. The result is a unique, bespoke, energetic explainer that delivers the Bengo message clearly, and with a flourish.

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