Project BulliesOut


Meet the client

The inspiring Linda James MBE, established BulliesOut in May 2006. Ever since she has been working tirelessly to make sure that organisations, schools and colleges across the UK have the best information, training and tools to put a stop to bullying behaviour for good! For over 16 years BulliesOut has been dedicated to empowering children, young people and adults to achieve their full potential.

The brief

They are always ambitious and always deliver excellent service and realised that to continue their ambitious plans they needed help to elevate their digital marketing and boost their social media presence as well as showcase their brilliant message. They needed a bit of Tiny Wizard Magic! BulliesOut were already doing incredible work when they came to Tiny Wizard Studio. They were looking for an extra pair of hands to look after their promotional material and bring their bold brand to life online.


With Tiny Wizard’s help, they wanted to create a cohesive style across all of their promotional material so that they would be instantly recognisable wherever they were spotted. Making sure to spread their message even further!

A series of stories…

BulliesOut were early birds to recognise the effectiveness of video marketing and put their trust into Tiny Wizard Studio to create their first animation in January 2020! The subject was all about BulliesOut. This was a great opportunity for Tiny Wizard Studio to really get to know BulliesOut inside and out.


Since then due to the huge success of their first animated explainer, BulliesOut keep coming back for more! BulliesOut quickly found continuing to market and fundraise through a pandemic was becoming a struggle. Making people aware of the work they were still doing was part of a huge social media campaign. Their team were still working throughout the pandemic, but had lost a lot of the usual fundraising avenues, and needed a new way to support the irreplaceable services that BulliesOut offers.

The next three animations Tiny Wizard Studio worked on really helped to build the BulliesOut brand around their illustrated characters, and their bright bold colour scheme.

Whilst creating fantastic animations for BulliesOut, Tiny Wizard Studio have also helped them behind the scenes, on presentations, social media copy, social media assets and much more.

Using our powers of strategic thinking, brand understanding, and design skill across multiple disciplines – along with an added touch of magic* that elevates all that we do – Tiny Wizard helps brands showcase their personality and magnetise their audiences with spellbinding visual communications. We mix fresh imagination with strong curiosity. Add a dash of instinct, a dollop of intuition and finish with a sprinkling of enthusiasm. Wave your wand and presto!

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