Project Cheeky Nibble

Cheeky Nibble Animated Ad

Meet the Client

Cheeky Nibble entered the cereal and snack market with a crackle and pop with its brilliantly British-flavoured granola. Launching in 2020, they have already secured a place on the coveted shelves of Selfridges. (Ooh la la!)

The Brief

With video content a key priority for any growing brand, Cheeky Nibble were keen to make a splash on socials with its very own, instantly engaging animated video. Helping showcase their unique products and colourful personality.

Concept Art

We used the concept art stage to show how we could use the product photography, assets and illustrations from their existing brand assets and enhance them to build an engaging animated ad for TV and PPC campaigns. Consistency is key!


When using photographic elements in an animated explainer, it’s especially important to storyboard thoroughly, making sure everyone is on board with how the brand packaging should be showcased and making sure we have all the angles covered, before production. 


The Wizards got to work creating the animated advert Cheeky Nibble needed to get their product on even more shelves. All animations, (even the fun-sized ones) have the ability to grab an audience’s attention and according to the Forrester Report, consumers are 39% more likely to share content if it’s delivered through video. This slice of snackable content for a delicious brand, is about to deliver the customers they’ve been dreaming of. 


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