Project Creatorship

Meet the client

For almost 20 years, Esther, founder of Creatorship has worked in commercial retail, in both buying and design for supply and Manufacture. She loves developing, conceptualising, analysing, re-engineering, people watching, reacting, building brands, transforming and improving, creating a vision, delighting consumers, and identifying and creating great opportunities. Retail is a fascinating, ever-changing, yet ever-familiar place.

Having worked directly and closely with all the main grocers and supermarket giants, along with many names that you would recognise from the High Street, she has a wealth of experience in designing products for UK consumers, and all the processes and considerations that come along the way.

The brief

Esther approached Tiny Wizard Studio to develop a new brand identity as she launches her new consultancy business, after years in the corporate world. Bringing with her a wealth of experience, Esther was keen to share her skills and knowledge with the creative world in her new capacity.  


As a creative consultant, we learned that Esther can provide professional, honest and trusted creative, commercial advice and knowledge. She was to operate on a freelance basis and can be called upon and brought on board when required or work with teams on an ongoing basis. 

Her areas of specialisation include pattern and print design, celebration and greetings, paper-based product development, stationery, sustainability, creative processes, brand development, mentoring and leadership.

Vision Boards

With a background in design and presentation, Esther had a clear vision for her brand. At this stage, we gathered all Esther’s ideas, competitors, and admired brands and focussed on providing Esther with some clarity before we embarked on the concept art stage.

Concept Creation

Ahead of the curve, Esther knew that professional imagery was going to be important and had already commissioned professional photographers to capture her at work. 

The images played a huge part in the identity concept creation and allowed us to visualise the brand better from the get-go. With clear and robust feedback from the vision board stage, we were off to a speedy start and it was clear that we had a front-runner, even after one round of concepts. With the identity in the bag, it was time to explore colour and composition and explore the brand activation over multiple touch points.

Brand Guidelines

A brand is only as good as its brand guidelines and we’re ALL about robust rules and knowing when to break them. The wizards developed a clear brand style with guidance on colours, type and logo use, for Esther to use to launch the brand across her new website and social media. With the foundations in place, Esther was off to a strong start and we’re pleased to say, the business is thriving.  It’s always magical working with fellow creatives. 


After the triumph of Creatorships brand transformation, we knew that working with Esther to help her develop the brand further would be the next step. Esther had already seen businesses have amazing success with animations and realised that launching her new brand alongside a brilliantly engaging and informative animation would be worthwhile.

Esther was blown away by the attention to detail of the final animation and was over the moon with the character we designed for her. When the brand and animation were launched we valued hearing all the amazing feedback Esther received from her audience and existing clients. We are excited to see what challenge Esther will bring to the wizards next!

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