Project Dairypower


Meet the client

Dairypower provides high-quality patented slurry management solutions for cattle, pigs and poultry. Its Smart Slurry Aeration System is proven to be the safest, most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly system available. The family-owned company, based in Cork and founded in 1973, is now a global business that exports equipment to over 30 countries worldwide.

The brief

With the ambition to expand into North America as well as to grow here at home in the UK, Dairypower needed a smart, agile strategy to generate leads – quickly and effectively. The plan was to deliver engaging animations to explain their products and services, that they could use across PPC marketing campaigns.


The videos at the centre of the campaign needed to accomplish a few key things – in under 3 minutes. Firstly, it needed to break down how Dairypower’s Smart Slurry Aeration Systems worked, demystifying the technical information so it was easy to understand. It also needed to highlight why this process is so important, the multiple benefits of Dairypower’s patented system, and a strong call to action that would generate solid leads.


To be able to captivate with words, we need to become the experts and place ourselves in the position of the target demographic. With the information gathered at discovery stage, our alchemical approach to storytelling, we delivered an engaging script that delivered the message and positioned Dairypower as experts in the agriculture industry.

Concept Art

The video needed to strike the right balance between data and delight, credibility and charm, explaining and entertaining. A 1930s rubber hose animation style was selected as a friendly way to illustrate knowledge and experience in the agricultural field – as well as to resonate with the North American target audience. With a hand-drawn look that’s full of personality, it supported the simplified communication of complex technical topics in an approach that nods its head to tradition without looking old.


With the script and concept art approved, it was time to move on to mapping the entire story using a storyboard. We created each individual scene, paired it with the script and annotated with notes on how the animation would bring it to life. With a few minor amends to colours, transitions and pace, the wizards were ready to bring it to life.


With production underway and the casting of multiple voiceover artists in various languages, it was time to develop additional tools to be used across the advertising campaigns. Keeping the style consistent throughout we provided Dairypower with a suite of static ads to accompany the animations, lead magnets and advertising copy that was sure to delight audiences and get those leads rolling in.

Dairypower was looking to generate 10 leads a month with this campaign. They accomplished that within 48 hours. With a final tally of over 140K views and approx. 250 leads, the campaign was a smashing success. Not only did it deliver above and beyond expectations, but it also achieved a 26x return on ad spend.

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