Project Animated Explainer Video for Dental Product

Animated Explainer Video for Dental Product

Client: Dentyl, Venture Life

Animated Explainer Video

Youtube Advertising

Motion Design

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Meet the Client

Venture Life is a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of self-care products for consumers seeking a healthier life. Committed to innovation and efficacy, Venture Life aims to become a trusted global leader in self-care through knowledge, expertise, and capability. They knew creating an animated explainer video would help achieve this.

animated explainer video


The challenge was to persuade users of competing mouthwash brands to switch to Venture Life’s product Dentyl by highlighting its efficiency. The focus was on showcasing the unique dual-phase formula with two layers and phases, unlike competitors with only one layer. The animation needed to visualise the results in the sink, emphasise the dual-action feature, and make a quick reference to the advanced protection range. The goal was to create an enjoyable, fun, and engaging video for YouTube ads and social media.


Two versions of the animation of different lengths were created to captivate the audience in the first five seconds, keeping the opening lines engaging. Both versions incorporated product photography and visual effects, optimised for YouTube advertising.

From Vision to Animation

The animation employed a blend of 2D and 3D animation techniques, coupled with dynamic motion graphics. It transformed static product photography into a visually captivating story, effectively showing the dual-action concept to viewers. The animation’s design aimed to captivate and educate, making sure the message was clear.

animated explainer video
animated explainer video

Long-lasting Impact

This animation is a versatile asset for advertising across various platforms. Its engaging content and dynamic visuals make it suitable for multiple campaigns and initiatives.


Script Writer – Jess Indge

Lead Animator – Jordan Hinnem

Project Manager – Becky Philpott

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