Project Understanding Graphene; Animated Explainer Video

Understanding Graphene; Animated Explainer Video


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Haydale, a global tech solutions company, dedicated to forging advanced materials that elevate mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties in their clients’ products. Functionalisation lies at the core of their breakthroughs.

Graphene can radically improve the properties of the materials products are made from. Discovered in 2004, the use of graphene has been slow due to its inert nature. Making it mix with other materials is difficult and chemically complex.

Haydale has developed a powder-in, powder-out process that overcomes this problem called plasma functionalisation.

Unlike other methods that use complex and damaging chemical processes, the Haydale HDPlas® method is a dry, clean, and environmentally friendly process that unlocks the properties of graphene and other nanomaterials to give products improved mechanical strength and increased electrical and thermal conductivity.


Haydale needed a way to simplify its patented process for prospective investors without oversimplifying and undervaluing its groundbreaking invention. The challenge was to create an animation that conveyed complexity while ensuring accessibility. While many have heard of graphene and the functionalisation process, it wasn’t well known that Haydale were at the forefront of this new technology, or how their patented process had the power to change the world. Their method of dispersion allows graphene and other nanomaterials to be used in a wide range of applications from heating products and biomedical sensors to tyres, shoes, and protective coatings.


Rather than death my PowerPoint and leave the sales teams to present these complex ideas with dull graphs and dated diagrams, Haydale approached our team to transform these concepts into an engaging animated explainer video to demystify the process. The 2-minute masterpiece translated the intricate steps into an engaging narrative that informs and educates. Utilising 3D modelling to stay faithful to the technology and atmospheric 2D animation to build the story, we created a visual journey that merged understanding with fascination.


A robust production process is vital for a complex subject such as this and our very own alchemical process was the perfect fit.

When we teamed up with Haydale, we knew we had to dive deep. Instead of just scratching the surface, we rolled up our sleeves and got our hands dirty – attending workshops, chatting with their experts, and getting a firsthand feel for their cool plasma functionalisation process. We wanted to understand every little detail and, honestly, their tech is fascinating.

Haydale’s vision for the video wasn’t just a one-off presentation. They were looking at the bigger picture. With everyone and their grandma on the internet these days, we realized this video had massive potential online. So, while crafting this animation, we had the boardroom in mind, sure, but also the casual web-surfer or someone quickly scrolling through social media.

Our aim? Make a video that’s versatile. One that Haydale could pop onto its website, share on social channels, and also showcase in their big investor meetings. This isn’t just about saving money, but about getting the biggest bang for their buck. By ensuring the video’s relevance across different platforms, we’re talking broader reach and more eyeballs on Haydale’s innovation.

The end result? A video that doesn’t just explain, but also boosts Haydale’s brand, reaching folks far and wide and showing the world they’re at the cutting edge of graphene tech.


While the main video was all about the broader picture, we thought, “Why not take a deeper dive and give folks a glimpse of the magic happening inside the machine?” So, alongside our main project, we created a shorter, snazzy animation zooming in on the science inside the machinery. It’s one thing to tell investors about groundbreaking technology, but showing them the science in a fun, entertaining way? That’s a whole different level of engagement.

We thrive on turning the intricate into the intuitive. If you’ve got a groundbreaking product or service that’s challenging to explain, you’re in the right place. We’ve helped brands like Haydale translate the techy into the terrific, and we can do the same for you. Don’t let your innovation go unnoticed.

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Script Writer – Jess Indge

Lead Animator – Gareth Axford

Project Manager – Becky Philpott

Voiceover Artist – Sam Hall

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