Project Hoofcount


Meet the client

Hoofcount are market leaders that provide cattle farmers around the world with an innovative solution that supports them in maintaining the health of their herds. That solution is a simple, yet effective footbath.

The brief

Bovine lameness and digital dermatitis are serious issues that can impact milk production and fertility, costing farmers thousands upon thousands of pounds. Hoofcount’s fully-automated, quality-built footbaths can help combat these ailments by helping farmers provide their cows with the best in preventive care.

With 25 years of dairy engineering experience and their reputation for customer satisfaction and great results intact, Hoofcount just needed a targeted marketing strategy that would raise awareness and attract new leads.


Hoofcount engaged Web Marketer, a digital marketing consultancy based in Wales, for a strategy that would leverage online channels to support growth globally with specific focus on German and North American territories. Web Marketer recommended the creation of an informative explainer video that would highlight the multiple benefits of Hoofcount’s footbaths, raising awareness and attracting new leads.

In order to bring this idea into being, they needed a creative agency that could produce something simple, yet state-of-the-art; informative but also engaging; persuasive, but with plenty of personality. Web Marketer knew exactly who to call, their friends and long-time collaborators at Tiny Wizard Studio.


Simple motion graphic animation captures Hoofcount’s tech-savvy expertise, allowing information to be communicated in a clear and uncomplicated way. This style enhances the usability of installing and operating the footbaths, whilst also highlighting the multiple product benefits. Illustrations of cows and the equipment are minimal and modern-looking, but not without personality, making the video not only credible but also compelling.

Hoofcount launched their campaign in August 2020, sharing the video via a targeted ad campaign and across social media. It is now showcased on the company’s website. Tiny Wizard also created a series of static ads as well as a sales brochure to support the video campaign.

Within three months, the campaign had reached 155k people and achieved 1.13million ad impressions. The video has been viewed 126.7k times. With an 8% click-to-conversion rate, it has helped Hoofcount secured 350 leads so far. With such strong results in the UK, the campaign was then launched in Canada and Germany.

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