Project Lavender & Lemon

Lavender and Lemon

Meet the client

Lavender and Lemon are a brand new all organic bespoke cleaning service company, based just down the road from the Tiny Wizard Studio. Owned and operated by Morgan Bagshaw, Lavender and Lemon’s vision is to design and deliver luxury cleaning services specific to a client’s requirement. Including developing innovative cleaning products that are safe for the family, environmentally friendly and smell divine. No more chemical, sterile-smelling homes.

The brief

Morgan, entrepreneur, mother of two and founder of Lavender and Lemon is on a mission to be recognised as an industry leader and change the prevailing negative attitude towards cleaning by providing a first-class service for clients and excellent employment for cleaning consultants. As all great entrepreneurs know, without a strong brand that would be almost impossible! 


Describing the services and products as couture and bespoke, it was clear that their brand needed to live up to these luxurious offerings, but also be warm, welcoming and soothing. The feelings that all Lavender and Lemon clients will have when they arrive home after their bespoke clean.

Vision Board

Keeping in mind Lavender and Lemon’s bespoke service, we knew that the brand needed to have a luxury feel, but we really didn’t want them to come across as elite. We utilised the vision board stage to really help show examples of how you can be couture without being contrived. This also allowed Lavender and Lemon to explore different types of approaches for the identity, such as icon, illustration and type.

Concept Creation

From the discovery stage, the Lavender and Lemon brand started to come to life, with our wizards bringing together all the aspects that Morgan loved, into four different concepts. Including a classy modern logo, a logo that was a mixture of bold san serif fonts, a more illustrative logo and a much more simplistic clean logo that has a touch of fun. From these four concepts, Lemon and Lavender had the difficult task of choosing just one, so that our Wizards could start developing the brand.


When Lavender and Lemon settled on concept three, our Wizards got to work straight away developing their brand. Creating assets that would allow the brand to have a comprehensive suite of assets for their launch. This was where the Wizards created patterns for website backgrounds, and a full-colour palette, as well as showed Lavender and Lemon how their future packaging could look.

Brand Guidelines

Building on the final identity, our brand Wizards built the toolkit to activate the brand. Showcasing the correct use of all the elements across various marketing assets, Lavender and Lemon now had all the tools they needed to launch their brand-new venture.

Packaging Design

Once the brand identity was in tip-top shape, we moved on to one of the most important aspects of launching a product-based business, packaging design. As Lavender and Lemon are continuing to grow their product line, our Wizards wanted to make sure the packaging would feel brilliantly bespoke, which allowed our wizards to design a range of unique icons that could be used on all the packaging. Giving Lavender and Lemons products a luxurious feel right down to the tiny details, that some people might not even notice.

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