Project Learna


Meet the client

Learna offer flexible online education, delivered by experts and designed by professionals. With over 10 years’ experience delivering online courses, Learna offers customers access to flexible, affordable distance learning in partnership with world-leading educators.

The brief

Learna were looking for an effective way to share the news of their flexible and affordable postgraduate courses specifically designed for healthcare and business professionals, who are notorious for never having enough hours in the day and being drastically underpaid.


When they discovered Tiny Wizard Studio had been creating engaging animated explainer videos that were helping clients see a 26x return on their investment, they realised this was going to be the best way to spread their message far and wide and have more chance of being seen by the right audience compared to most other traditional advertising. Before we could start creating magic, we needed to truly understand Learna, its past, its present challenges and ambitions for the future.

We asked questions, we listened and then we asked more. We were on a mission to discover what they wanted to achieve with this video series and who exactly it was that they wanted to reach.


With all the information gathered from the discovery session, our wordsmiths set about crafting the narrative for this educational content. Making complex subjects digestible, entertaining and thought-provoking is what we do best.

Concept art

Our wizards set to work and developed character styles, environments that worked well with the brand and would resonate with their target audience. With a robust set of brand guidelines in place, we made sure everything we created was consistent with the brand and other marketing material. Consistency is key and we know working with big brands means adapting to styles!


Once concept art was approved, the storyboard went into development and with only a few rounds of amends, our magical animators began to bring Learna’s story to life!


When we delivered the finished product they were over the moon with the result. So much so that a few months later they realised that with legislation changes in their sector coming up fast, they wanted to make healthcare professionals aware of their Fast Track Assessment process.

With a slightly different target audience, as this legislation was only relevant to cosmetic practitioners and not all healthcare professionals, we embarked on a new discovery process to learn more. Learna wanted their clients to stay ahead of the crowd, whilst also saving time and money! We had a new story to tell, so our animators created new characters and some new locations for them to live in and interact. Making sure to remain faithful once again to the existing brand guidelines and other materials! Luckily we had another success story on our hands, and now Learna was ready to corner the market on fast-track assessments as well as helping to keep cosmetic practitioners to stay up to date with ever-changing legislation. Overall the experience working with Learna and finding out all about the amazing work they do was fantastic, thankfully they thought working with Tiny Wizard Studio was just as magical too!

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