Project M4 Mortgages

Meet the client

M4 Mortgages is a comprehensive mortgage broker, owned and run by friends Catherine and Samantha. Having over 30 years of combined experience in the financial sector, Catherine and Sam offer tailored, reliable services.

The brief

Feeling they’d outgrown their old identity, M4 Mortgages came to us for a refresh. They wanted their identity to represent their knowledge, passion and expertise whilst also standing out in a saturated area. They were both very passionate about looking approachable and friendly – both being working mums, they want to attract clients who are looking for flexible, friendly services that fit each individual.


Cath and Sam wanted a fresh new brand that represented both their friendly, working-mum side and their knowledgeable, highly reliable and flexible attributes. They were also in need of an explainer video they could use for marketing material, one that would stand out. The Tiny Wizards were tasked with creating both a distinctive brand identity and bold animation.

Brand development

Our standard practice when it comes to a rebrand is to analyse and dissect the current brand. This helps us to see what is currently not working and why the client is coming to us for help. M4 Mortgages’ previous brand was dated, flat and lacked energy. After discussing the vision board, we started developing some type-based concepts.

We worked closely with Cath and Sam to ensure they had the perfect identity they loved and as a team, we cracked it. It’s elegant and professional with a muted colour palette to give the client a real high-end, tailor-made feel.

Brand guidelines

Consistency is integral to a strong and successful brand, so to help our clients moving forward we put together a brand style guide. Colour and typography are just as important as the logo, together they form the overall identity so a clear guide of their use is important. We went with subtle colours that gave the identity a high-end, approachable feel. The soft green, pink and grey paired with the emerald green creates the professional vibe that Cath and Sam were after whilst being simple enough to grow with the business.


Once the identity was complete, our animation Wizards created this magical video for M4 Mortgages’, to use on their website and social media. This hand-drawn style, utilising the new brand colours, gives a friendly approachable introduction to the business.

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