Project NHS – Aneurin Bevan – Help Us Help You

NHS/Aneurin Bevan - Help Us Help You Campaign Animation

Meet the client

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board was established on the 1st October 2009 and covers the areas of Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport, Torfaen and Powys.


The Health Board employs over 14,000 staff, two-thirds of whom are involved in direct patient care. There are more than 250 consultants in a total of over 1000 hospital and general practice doctors, 6,000 nurses, midwives, allied professionals and community workers.

The brief

Aneurin Bevan approached Tiny Wizard Studio to help them produce an animated video to support their Help Us Help You Campaign. With changes being made to services across Wales and new facilities being built, the health board needed to engage the public and communicate where they could access these services, which were the most appropriate for different needs and when they should reach out for these services. The multi-language videos were to be aired in cinemas across Wales, used across their social media channels and used as part of a wider campaign.


In collaboration with the health board, the wizards set to work crafting the messaging. With access to their existing materials, discussions with various team members about the new services and locations and work around prioritising the key points, a script was developed in English, which we then translated into ten different languages, to ensure the campaign would be inclusive and engage as many people as possible.

Concept Art & Storyboards

Diversity and inclusion are always at the heart of everything the NHS produce and so it was important to consider this at the concept art stage. A great deal of thought and experiment went into developing the suite of characters that were to appear in the video and with key check-in points throughout the production, the health board had ample opportunity to ensure the animation would reach their desired audience.


Storyboarding is arguably the most important stage in the production process when we bring the words and concept art together and plan the animation from start to finish. Think of it as a comic book strip with added notes on how scenes will transition and how characters will move and behave. The challenge here was to consider the fact that this would be produced in multiple languages and so the length of the scenes needed to be thoughtfully planned out.


Our animation wizards set about building the characters and developing the scene for production. With the storyboard agreed upon and voiceover artists selected and recorded, our wizards brought the animation to life. We not only produced an extended version for web and social in Welsh and English, but we also produced 30-second versions for airing in cinemas and a suite of 10 additional languages for the health board to use across social media. As an additional effort to make sure the campaign was consistent across multiple platforms, we supplied the health board with the character artwork to be used across print and digital materials.


We’re really proud to have been part of this nationwide campaign and are excited to be in the process of producing a further four animations, focussing on the individual service providers.

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