Project Rebel Heart Movement

Rebel Heart Movement

Meet the client

Sarah Jones came to us to revitalise her brand and help her start a movement. Her yoga practice then named Exhale With Sarah was a thriving business, where Sarah encourages her clients to let go, drop the mask and rest their hearts. The body sighs on an exhale, it’s where we find deep relaxation. Her offerings take place through classes and workshops and in the future, retreats.

The brief

A new vision for the brand was birthed in her mind after coming to the end of an intense mentorship period with her teacher and it changed everything for Sarah. She was more certain of her ‘why’ which is to support women to remember their truth, remember their hearts and power. The power that patriarchal culture teaches us to forget from a young age.


Through our discovery session, we discovered just how clarified Sarah’s vision was for her brand. She wanted to encourage birthing women to roar, mums to believe they are amazing Goddesses and menopausal women to let their wisdom shine. Sarah wanted to provide safe circles for women that work on a deeply energetic level to heal. She does this through embodied yoga and movement, touch, dance, breathwork and nervous system regulation techniques. The more we talked with Sarah, the more we were convinced that not only did she need a re-brand, but she also needed a new name to accompany this new movement she was building.

Vision Board

There were keywords that came to the forefront of our minds during the discovery sessions. Magical. Mystical. Heart-centred. Strong. Feminine. These words formed the initial discussions around the brand name and influenced the vision board immensely. After falling in love with Rebel Heart Movement as the new brand name, the wizards set to work researching and collecting imagery, illustrations, colour palettes and illustrations to work through and discuss with the client, before moving on to the creation on new identity designs.

Concept Creation

With such a clear vision and focus from Sarah, the creation stage was truly magical. Playing with heart imagery, sunbursts, intricate illustrations and deep, rich colours was a must. Sarah’s vision was brought to life fairly swiftly. A testament to the in-depth discovery process and collaboration at the vision board stage.


A brand is not just a logo after all. At the development stage, we work with the client to demonstrate how the new identity can be used across marketing materials, social media, packaging, clothing and of course, yoga mats. We explore and extend the colour palette to create a versatile brand that will stand the test of time.

Brand Guidelines

Building on the final identity, our brand wizards built the toolkit to activate the brand and help Sarah feel confident launching her brand on social media and updating her website. She’s had such fantastic feedback since launching that she’s now increasing her class timetable and is on her way to being a lead brand in creating safe spaces for women to gather and remember their hearts and rediscover the female community and what it is to support each other.

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