Project RSPCA – Our Animal Journey

RSPCA - Our Animal Journey

Meet the client

RSPCA – Our Animal Journey are proud to be the oldest welfare charity around. They were the first to introduce a law to protect animals and work hard to ensure that all animals can live free from pain and suffering and through their campaigns raise standards of care, and awareness of issues, affecting animals today.

The brief

The RSPCA needed some information transformed into an informative and engaging one-page infographic, to help their audience understand what they are doing to ensure animals most in need get the care they deserve, when and where they need it. 


When creating an infographic, you have to start by getting to grips with all of the information that’s been supplied, and the RSPCA made sure our wizards had everything they needed. The hardest part is working out how all that is going to fit onto one piece of content.  

Creation of print and digital assets

Working with a brand like the RSPCA that has a strong recognisable identity, means making sure everything works with their existing brand. So our wizards set about bringing together all the elements of the RSPCA brand, as well as creating illustrated characters and animals that would work brilliantly alongside their existing identity. Then it was time for the most important part: making sure all the information supplied by the RSPCA is easily read and quickly understood.


This is what makes our infographics one of the best ways to easily engage your audience, especially if you have a lot of information to get across as quickly as possible. This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

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