Project Super Bio Boost

Super Bio Boost

Meet the Client

Super Bio Boost provides environmentally friendly, holistic health products created from traditional plants. They promote preventative health through the use of naturally grown ingredients to treat common ailments. Their Hoffi Powder is made with African plant leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, grains and vegetables and is their very first product to hit the market. 

The Brief

With a brand new product, Super Bio Boost needed some assistance in bringing this interesting new holistic health product to market. Having seen the work the wizards created for The Chilli Project and Renold, Franck the founder of Super Bio Boost and inventor of their Hoffi Powder got in touch with the wizards, with an idea for a short but sweet animated advert.


Super Bio Boost had developed a brand with which our wizards could work their magic. Now they just needed to get to know all about the amazing benefits of Hoffi Powder. What better way to do that than with a good old-fashioned sampling session. (we LOVE our jobs!)

Concept Art

Keeping it simple, we used the concept art stage to show how we could use the product photography, assets and illustrations from their existing brand and improve on them to build an engaging animated ad for TV and PPC campaigns. 


When using photographic elements in an animated explainer, it’s especially important to storyboard thoroughly to make sure everyone is on board with how the brand packaging should be showcased and to make sure we have all the angles covered, before production. We helped Super Bio Boost visualise how scenes would flow from one to the next with detailed notes on transitions.


The Wizards got to work creating the advert Super Bio Boost needed to launch their product.  An advert that would grab the audience’s attention and make them want to get to know all about Hoffi Powder and its amazing benefits. 

Snackable (see what we did there?) and attention-grabbing, the Super Bio Boost animation was ready to launch.  

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