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SustainIt Solutions

Meet the client

A family-run global sustainability consultancy based in the heart of green city of Bristol, SustainIt harnesses the power and potential of data to make businesses more efficient, profitable and sustainable. With an impressive client list and a stellar reputation, SustainIt aims to revolutionise the way that businesses make a positive impact, one data point at a time.

The brief

In 2018, SustainIt had just undergone a rebrand and were preparing for a new website. It should have been an exciting time, but instead, they found themselves feeling frustrated by the lack of guidance from the agencies they were working with.

They were also a bit underwhelmed by the creative, which seemed to increasingly go in the wrong direction – corporate, cold and character-less. After going around in circles with their agency, SustainIt reached out to Tiny Wizard for some illustration work. When the wizards delivered exactly what they needed (within two hours, mind you), SustainIt decided to put them in charge of the whole brand refresh.


To realise this vision, the organisation needed a strong visual identity that reflected their amiable and attentive personality as well as their core values of transformation, responsibility and empowerment.


Whilst SustainIt’s logo didn’t change, its proper usage as well as all other visual assets such as typography, colour palettes, icons and illustration styles were developed and brought to life by Tiny Wizard.


A strong illustration style was key in communicating SustainIt’s pride, passion and drive to create positive change in the world. It needed to be fun, friendly, flexible and functional, aiding in storytelling and supporting the brand’s mission to transform data into information to educate and inspire.

Brand guidelines

To ensure successful implementation of the guidelines, Tiny Wizard provided SustainIt with creative support every step of the way. From hands-on consulting for the brand’s digital experience to the creation of printed marketing materials to the reimagining of business templates, case studies and more, Tiny Wizard provides the brand guidance and design expertise so SustainIt can focus on thinking big, empowering businesses and being the good data people.

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