Project Tate & Lyle – Project Gemini

Tate & Lyle

Meet the Client

Tate & Lyle is a huge global provider of ingredients and solutions for the food and beverage markets. With over 160 years of operation, you are sure to have seen some of their products on shelves in supermarkets up and down the country and in 2021 they were going through some big changes.

The Brief

With a top-secret project, that had its very own top-secret code name, Tate & Lyle came to the wizards looking for some help creating an animated explainer that would help tell the world all about the huge change that would be happening in the company. Tate & Lyle was to be split into two different businesses. One that would focus on, sweetening, mouthfeel and fortification. And the other would be a leader in plant-based products for the food and industrial market. 


We started the project for Tate & Lyle by learning about all the things they do, and what the difference was between the two new companies. We also got to grips with where every Tate & Lyle factory was across the world, to help explain how the company was to be split.


With enough information to write a feature-length animated explainer video our script writer’s first task was to work out what really needed to stay in the voice-over and what could be explained via the visuals. This was such an important announcement for Tate & Lyle, and with such a big team, we knew there would be tweaks to the script, to make sure everyone at Tate & Lyle was happy with the final outcome.

Concept Art

The style of Tate & Lyle’s animation was something we developed in-house during the concept art stage. It stays true to the brand through the use of their strong brand colours. Helping the audience to recognise who is speaking to them without the Tate & Lyle logo having to be on screen.



Storyboarding is the first time the client really gets a chance to visualise how the animation will look and flow from beginning to end. It gives everyone a chance to make any last changes to the language, scenery, colours, and characters before we enter the production stage. Because our process is rock solid, any changes or concerns have been worked out by now and storyboarding is a smooth process. With Tate & Lyle we made sure that any points they couldn’t visualise were more developed at the storyboard stage, to ensure that there would be no changes come the production stage.


Our animation wizards set about building the animation which included creating many assets in line with Tate & Lyles brand guidelines. We are incredibly proud to have such talented artists working here at Tiny Wizard Studio, they created an explainer video that was full of information and amazingly engaging. Then on July 12th 2021 Tate and Lyle finally announced their top-secret project, the division of the historic company. And they had a fantastic explainer video to go along with it, which they were delighted with!


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