Project Team Up Solutions – Brand Identity & Animated Video

Team Up Solutions - Brand Identity & Animated Video

Meet the client

By being thoughtful, creative and collaborative, Team Up aim to empower our customers to get the most out of their Workday investment by providing simple and innovative solutions to even the most complex problems. They believe in delivering agile and creative solutions, that deliver results quickly.

The brief

Arriving at a new stage in their growth, Team Up, then known as Huldra Consulting, were looking for a creative agency to support them to rebrand and re-imagine their marketing materials. As a young, dynamic and fresh-faced business, they were looking to ditch the corporate and bring people and personality into their brand.


Describing themselves as collaborative and compassionate, we were keen to leverage this and work as closely with the team as possible to deliver a bespoke approach that would stand the test of time. They were keen to offer an alternative to ‘big business’ consulting by providing a warm and engaging work environment for their staff that would empower them to become experts and create a meaningful impact on their customers businesses.

Vision board

With a clear focus on simplicity, clarity, warmth and demystifying complex processes, we were keen to bring a non-corporate feel to the new brand that would encourage conversation, be approachable and welcoming as well as stand out in a competitive market. At the vision stage, we were able to ensure we were all on the same page before commencing on initial concepts for the new identity.


No-nonsense was a phrase used frequently during discussions so our designers chose to focus on bold type and subtle iconography to fit with the clear, transparent, non-jargon aims of the brand. The client was also determined to stay away from corporate icons and so a type based design was in favour.


Along with a bold, soft typeface, the team developed a suite of shapes to be used as individual markers or as a pattern to add a dash of personality to marketing materials. These aren’t just random shapes, they represent the tools and processes that can be implemented into a business and used in harmony with each other. Colour was a key player here; with such bold type and shapes, it was important to add a soft, welcoming tone to keep an approachable feel.

Brand guidelines

Building on the final identity, our brand wizards built the toolkit to activate the brand. Showcasing the correct use of all the elements across various marketing assets, Team Up now had the tools they needed to launch a brand new era. Along with the captivating new brand, we also developed an introduction to the business, in the form of an animated explainer video that proudly sits on the website.

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