Project Veeqo by Amazon

Veeqo by Amazon

Meet the Client

Veeqo provides the easiest way for sellers to own their future, making selling online more effortless, more automated, and more connected. Cutting customers cost-per-happy customer and getting their business ready for the next step.

The Brief

Having just become part of the Amazon family, Veeqo needed an animated explainer that would help sell their service to even more customers and announce their acquisition by Amazon.. Luckily for them, that is exactly what Tiny Wizard Studio does best, because who needs to read a headline when you can watch an explainer video?


Veeqo’s recent partnership with Amazon was a reason to celebrate, it also meant that there was a whole new audience to educate on the unique benefits of their powerful shipping tools. 

Concept Art

With a strong set of brand guidelines to work with, the animation wizards were in a great position to start creating concept art. Showing how key elements of the script would look on screen so that any feedback can be taken into account before the storyboarding stage.


With a lot of moving parts and interesting transitions, Veeqo’s storyboard ironed out these details, breaking the animation up scene by scene. Giving Veeqo one last chance to make any adjustments, before we jump into production.


With a lot to say and limited time to say it, the Veeqo animation is fast paced and succinct, keeping the viewer engaged right down to the last second. 

We are excited to announce this isn’t where our story ends with Veeqo. We are continuing to work with them to build an excellent explainer video portfolio, which will help them reach people around the world.

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