Project Visit Digital

Visit Digital Brand Identity & Animated Explainer

Meet the client

Visit Digital is a strategic digital marketing agency whose brand identity was in need of a refresh to keep up with the fast-paced sector.

The brief

They came to us to help them put together an identity that was bold and striking, one that would age well. Visit Digital helps organisations to build successful, multi-channel digital strategies and now it was their turn to go under the scope and get some TLC. They’re passionate about helping businesses grow with their years of experience, they just needed a contemporary brand that matched their values and personality.


Impressed by the agency’s personality driven brand expression and bold, no-nonsense way of working, Visit Digital’s director Lee felt a connection with Tiny Wizard Studio. His goal was to update his brand, to put him in the forefront of his sector to become a go-to in an already over-saturated market. He wanted a brand that visualised his process whilst representing the work he does with clients.


Visit Digital’s previous brand lacked excitement or ‘pizzaz’ as we like to call it. We started off sketching out some ideas. It’s always handy to put pen to paper and really gets our mind ticking. We then transfer these across to digital concept, where they slowly come to life.


We stay in contact with our clients at every step of the way, no matter how big or small the concept. We worked very closely with Lee to ensure he had the perfect logo for him, and as a team we cracked it! Visit Digital’s brand new logo is sleek, bold and timeless. The separate elements of the icon represent the journey Visit Digital’s clients go through, symbolising where the start and the ups and downs they go through to come out on top.

Brand guidelines

From notebooks to signage, with visit digitals new unforgettable identity branded elements came to life, highlighting the importance of strong iconography and font choice, and how these work perfectly with their new timeless logo. We also developed an animated explainer video to sit within their new website to launch the new brand.

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