Project Web Marketer

Web Marketer

Meet the client

Web Marketer is a boutique, digital marketing consultancy based in Wales. They love conversion marketing. Turning clicks into customers likes into leads into sales.

The brief

As trade shows and exhibitions continue to be cancelled left and right, many businesses have had to turn to the digital world to generate leads. Seems simple enough, but how do you create the right ad? How do you know when it’s working? Or not working? And how do you adapt and improve your strategy?

This is the exact expertise that Web Marketing brings to the arena. To help businesses benefit from pay-per-click Facebook advertising, the digital marketing consultancy developed a framework that they proudly named, “Gladiator Ads.”


Web Marketer called their friends and long-time collaborators at Tiny Wizard Studio to create an animated video that would explain how Gladiator Ads work and how Web Marketer’s commitment to getting it right makes all the difference. The video needed to be short, sweet & simple, striking the right balance between education and entertainment.


A 1980s video game style brings the campaign to life, capturing Web Marketer’s cheeky personality whilst reflecting how effective and simple Gladiator Ads are to use. Comical and compelling, this retro-gaming style presents the many challenges of Facebook marketing in a way that is simple to understand but not overly daunting.

It then capitalises on the game analogy to succinctly show how Web Marketer’s approach can help B2B businesses successfully generate leads. The visual style of the video lead the creative execution of the whole campaign and was rolled out across all marketing touchpoints from static ads to a micro-site to a lead magnet.

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