Project Welsh Cycling

Meet the client

Welsh Cycling provides guidance and support to over 180 cycling clubs from Pembrokeshire to Cardiff to Anglesey. With the belief that cycling is more than a sport, the organisation is committed to building a community through events, coaching, education and volunteer opportunities. As the national governing body of cycling in Wales, it is their mission to lead from the front.

The brief

After hearing Jess (chief wizard) give a talk about the importance of storytelling in a digital world, Welsh Cycling had an inkling that she and her team could provide the direction they needed as they embarked on a major overhaul of their communications strategy. Initially, they were just after some social media assets, but Tiny Wizard’s in-depth assessment of Welsh Cycling’s online presence as well as its presence in the real world, revealed that there was work to be done at a fundamental brand level.


Tiny Wizard began their magic by developing a visual brand identity that reflected Welsh Cycling’s values of integrity and excellence. From proper logo usage to colour palettes to imagery styling, the brand guidelines detail every visual element needed to create consistency and communicate leadership across all touchpoints.


Tiny Wizard also created visual identities for Welsh Cycling’s sub-areas, providing each with a colour code and a distinct photographic approach. These identities highlight the many facets of the organisation and the role they each play in the overarching ambition to ‘Inspire Wales to Cycle’.

Brand guidelines

The new identity establishes Welsh Cycling as a national authority, giving it credibility in its campaigning efforts to improve conditions for cyclists and change the way Wales moves. In providing the tools the brand needs to develop effective marketing materials, the guidelines aid in raising brand awareness whilst also strengthening relationships with key sponsors.


As Welsh Cycling’s brand guardians, Tiny Wizard continues its support by activating the brand through the creation of essential marketing materials, dynamic animations and branded content.

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