Project WJEC


Meet the Client

WJEC is Wales’ largest awarding body, providing trusted bilingual qualifications, straightforward specialist support, and reliable assessment to schools and colleges across the country. With more than 70 years of experience, they are also among the leading providers in both England and Northern Ireland. 

The Brief

Having worked with the Wizards before, WJEC knew that we were the only team they could trust to develop an animated video to raise awareness of the work of WJEC, their impact across Wales and the important role they play in education. WJEC had a great brief, they clearly laid out their goals for the animation, which included: Instilling trust, encouraging an emotional connection, creating a cast of diverse characters, offering evidence, and finally, reassurance. 


Fitting 70 years of experience into a 3 minutes animation was never going to be simple, it involved some back and forth with WJEC to make sure their message was presented correctly, but also wouldn’t overwhelm the audience. 

Concept Art

Creating so many characters lead to the concept art stage being crucial; we needed to make sure that WJEC could see the diversity through the animation, as well as get a good idea of how key elements of the animation would come to life. 


Storyboarding is the first time the client really gets a chance to visualise how the animation will look and flow from beginning to end. It gives everyone a chance to make any last-minute changes to the language, scenery, colours, and characters before we enter the production stage. 


After having brought a plethora of characters to life, our team could finally get around to putting everything together to create one brilliant animation.

We were over the moon with the final animation, will all the elements coming together wonderfully and really showcasing the amazing work that WJEC does!

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