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Who needs to read a headline when you can watch a video?

Engage any audience with the spellbinding power of Tiny Wizard’s animated explainer videos. Fully customised to your unique brand & voice.

We create bespoke, custom, highly creative animated explainer videos that stop the scroll, resonate deeply, and help you stand out no matter how fierce the competition. Even if you think your product is impossible to explain. Trust us. We can make anything spellbinding.

Clarity + Creativity = Sales! 

So, you’ve got a complicated product or service and have NO idea how to explain it to ‘regular’ people.

You know you’ve got…

Three seconds to grab your audience’s attention before they move on.
Two minutes to showcase all your key benefits and differentiators.
And one chance to get it all right.

Because you’re not just competing with shrinking attention spans. You’re faced with the gargantuan task of standing out in an increasingly noisy market.

Standing out online requires far more than simply listing off your product’s features. Stale sales messages backed by unimaginative stock photos OR a barely-better-than-a-powerpoint explainer video just won’t cut it.

Your customers have seen it all before.

And they don’t want to take your word on how “effective” and “useful” your product is.
They need you to show them. They need to connect emotionally.
And they need you to show them from the get-go why they should care.

THAT’S how you stick in people’s minds and hearts.

What YOU need is a way to engage your audience without diluting your strongest selling propositions.

You need content that captivates them emotionally, so they are aching to hear the details. (Instead of leaving them bored by the details and aching for excitement…)

You need to unlock the spellbinding power of animated video.

What you’ll get

  • Your bespoke animated explainer video full customised to your brand.
  • A suite of bite-size snackable slices to use across your socials.
  • The joy and ease of working with a specialist animation team.
  • Image assets to use across all your marketing for seamless continuity.
  • Approval at every stage of the game.


We’ll conjure up a video that communicates your vision so powerfully. Your audiences go wild. No matter how unsexy you think your niche is.

Tell us about the magic you’re looking to manifest.