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Show off your excellence & stand out in the sea of sameness.

Your Awesomeness + Our Spellbinding Branding & Design Skills = Droves of raving fans ready to buy! The age of the faceless, corporate organisation is over. Consumers want to know the faces behind their favourite brands. They want to hear their origin stories. They want to FEEL something emotionally. People buy from people. They buy even more from people that they like and connect with. People that they believe in.

Our mission is to help our clients build their dreams. To do that we build bold brands that showcase personality, purpose and passion and magnetise your audience like magic. 

Tiny Wizard Studio is the powerhouse team for businesses who want to look anything but average. Professional yes, but with a sprinkle of fun and a pinch of pizazz thrown in for good measure! We believe that the age of the faceless, corporate organisation is over. We’ve got experience in almost every industry you can think of. From farming to pharma, we’ve created brands of all shapes and sizes.

We’re sure you’ve been subjected to a lot of agency jargon about branding. Phrases and terminologies that, let’s face it, don’t mean all that much. There is a lot of fluffy language and vague information out there. Some of it is useful, and some of it is…well, not so much.

Here’s the one thing that is absolutely true and very important – a brand is not just a logo. It is a living entity with its own personality, behaviours and values. Consumers connect with brands on an emotional level as well as a functional one. To do this successfully, brands need a powerful identity, brought to life with a compelling and consistent design that is as eye-catching as it is meaningful.

This is what we do best at Tiny Wizard Studio – help brands magnetise their audiences with spellbinding visual identities.

What you can expect from us

To ensure you feel taken care of and confident that you’re in safe hands, we’ve developed a robust process, to ensure you have ownership every step of the way. It illustrates the importance of each step and how it will lead us to a brand identity that is powerful, potent and full of personality.

Tell us about the magic you’re looking to manifest.