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Are your sales & presentation tools up to scratch?

Print & Digital design to illuminate and compliment your brand and hook eye-balls

You need content that captivates. We create highly engaging print and digital content that shines a sparkling beam of light on what makes your product or service unlike any other. Your brand may be boss, but your marketing and sales tools need to shine too. That’s where we step in.

Whether you need a new sales brochure to dazzle your prospects, a suite of social media assets for a new campaign, a sizzling set of new stationery assets (now that you’re hopefully back out and about meeting clients), annual reports that inspire, portfolios, recruitment packs, information packs, exhibition graphics, billboards, PowerPoint presentations. Wherever you need to be seen, we’ll show up for you and make it bold, beautiful and impossible to ignore.

At Tiny Wizard, we *love* magic, but we prefer to avoid surprises.

You may have heard horror stories of designers and agencies that take the brief and disappear off the radar. Three months later, they come back with the goods that couldn’t be further from what you envisioned — (Think requesting Dumbledore and getting back Rumplestiltskin…)

That’s NOT how we do things around here. You’ll have full ownership over everything created to use throughout your branding AND the final say at every stage of the project. We respect that you put the busy in business. And the last thing we want to do is leave you feeling like your time’s been wasted.

So, how about this, we won’t make you sit through endless “discovery strategy” meetings. And we won’t bore you jargon.

We’ll guide you through our robust process so you can stay in the driver’s seat while we take the actual work off your plate.

We’ll show you brilliant ideas. You give us the thumbs up.

Tiny Wizard is allergic to average. But then again, 48% of B2B buyers are bored by most B2B marketing they see too. At Tiny Wizard, we’re obsessed with the power of storytelling.

We take the blah out of sales and inject humanity into everything we create. We don’t do corporate. And we don’t do dull.

Tell us about the magic you’re looking to manifest.