Services Explainer Videos

Who needs to read a headline when you can watch an explainer video?

The age of the faceless, corporate organisation that drowns their customers in product brochures is over.

93% of marketers agree that animated explainer videos are an important part of their marketing strategy.

That’s why we are a specialist animation studio that creates animated explainer videos that win over audiences by bringing your most powerful messages to life.

Your ideal customer lands on your page or sees one of your ads and is confronted by a sea of passionless tech-speak. How long do you think you have before you lose them?

2 seconds, 7 seconds, 15 seconds… it doesn’t matter. The point is, if you don’t capture their interest FAST, you’re not going to win them over. Especially if they have to trawl through a lengthy sea of text to get an idea of what your offer can actually do for them. Who has that kind of time?

Don’t tell them. Show them! ✨

It’s no secret that consumers prefer to learn by watching things. Hence why 93% of marketers agree that animated video is an important part of their marketing strategy.

At Tiny Wizard, 60+ years of combined experience has shown us WHY and HOW you can use animated explainer video to immediately clarify the irresistible benefits of your offer.

Making animated explainer videos a killer weapon to add to your marketing arsenal.

We create bespoke, custom, high end animated explainer videos that stop the scroll and help your customers understand exactly what you do, and why they need you.

Even if you think your product is impossible to explain.

Trust us. We can make anything spellbinding. We’ve worked with everyone from farms to pharma and we know that even the most complicated (and sometimes boring) subjects can be transformed into engaging content that captivates.

Your Awesomeness + Our Spellbinding Explainer Videos = Droves of raving fans ready to buy!

Animated explainer videos are a magical tool to help you explain what your business does, what service it offers in a succinct, easy to understand way.

Gone are the days of fat product brochures and instruction manuals (snooze!). People want information fast. And they want it in the form of explainer videos.

Showcase your product demo with visuals, spellbind your customers with your benefits and offerings, educate your audience on why your product or service is the bees knees in 3 minutes or less.

If you’ve got a complicated product or service and have NO idea how to explain it to ‘regular’ people. Animated explainers are the best way to reach them.

Because you’re not just competing with shrinking attention spans. You’re faced with the gargantuan task of standing out in an increasingly noisy market.

And they don’t want to take your word on how “effective” and “useful” your product is. They need you to show them.

Animated explainer videos are the most effective way to educate, entertain and explain.

If you want to level up your retention rate by clarifying the unfamiliar ideas, then explainer videos will help you fulfill those demands with flair.

Oh, and don’t forget your internal teams. Animated explainer videos work like a dream to communicate all sorts of internal messages and engage teams when it comes to training.

Welcome packs and induction materials don’t have to be dull either. Captivate your teams and colleagues with eyeball-hooking animated explainer videos that you can reuse, repurpose and share for years to come.

What YOU need is a way to engage your customers and teams without diluting your strongest propositions. (It also saves a sh*t tonne on printing costs. Bonus!)

You need content that captivates them emotionally, explains process, products and services simply and leaves them aching to learn more and itching to press the ‘buy’ or ‘book now’ buttons. You need to unlock the spellbinding power of animated explainer videos for business.

What you’ll get

  • Your bespoke animated explainer video fully customised to your brand.
  • A suite of bite-size snackable slices to use across your socials.
  • The joy and ease of working with a specialist animated explainer video team.
  • Image assets to use across all your marketing for seamless continuity.
  • Approval at every stage of the game with our robust, tried and tested alchemical process.

We’ll conjure up an animated explainer video that communicates your vision so powerfully, your audiences go wild. No matter how unsexy you think your niche is.


Think of this as a dazzling movie trailer for whatever it is you’re launching. Only instead of another Fast and Furious, you get your own custom, one-of-a-kind video showcasing your product’s best features in action.


★ 96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
★ 94% of marketers say video increased user understanding significantly.
★ 78% of marketers credit video for directly increasing sales.


This is how you’ll bring the things your audience needs to know about your brand to life. And it will get people talking about your product or service long after you’ve left the room.


Clearly, it’s time to add this powerful tool to your marketing toolkit!

Tell us about the magic you’re looking to manifest.