Marketers: Get clear on the business goals and vision and build a positioning strategy with our bespoke brand strategy workshops.

Do you need to excite and engage new customers/clients? Are you looking to disrupt the market and stand out from your competitors? Do you want to sell more products/services? Or are you looking to get the team on the same page, all aligned to one strategic plan of action for your marketing/promotion, but unsure where to start?


If you answered yes to any of the above but can’t see how or when you’ll be able to do it as a team, then we might have the perfect spell for you!

Bethan Lewis – Brand Strategist

With over a decade’s experience in the world of public relations and strategic communications, Bethan, founder and director of Brandrocker, has advised clients including Sport Wales, B&Q, SUBWAY, Brecon Carreg, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board, Catch The Breeze Retreats, and Devon & Cornwall Police to name a few.

A keen sports broadcaster too, she has been part of media teams at events including Badminton Horse Trials, Commercial Bank Qatar Golf Masters, Burghley Horse Trials, and the IPC Athletics European Championships in recent years as well as the Wimbledon Championships for IBM and so she fully appreciates what makes a good story for both brands and their targeted audiences. 

Are you missing out on the 88% of consumers who say that a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a product or service?

Make it an easy decision to choose you by ditching complex sales messages and jargon-filled copy and show, don’t tell, how what you do could solve your prospect’s problems.

(And save you a tonne of time and money explaining why.)

We’ll map out how animated video can boost your marketing strategy, and create a plan together for you to implement it.

You wouldn’t build a house without architectural designs. So why would you invest in content without knowing the purpose and the results you want to achieve?

These tailored workshops ensure your team are on the same page, and trust us when we say we’ve seen teams come in with very different ideas, but all have left energised and aligned to one strategic plan of action full of creativity. 

10+ years of helping brands grow…

You have amazing people working across the company who have incredible stories, and we want to ensure we marry up their values and expertise with the strategic business goals you have in place. This workshop can be a standalone piece of work, in which you can take the actions back to your internal team, or we can work with you further and bring some of those new concepts to life. We:


✦ Identify the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – ultimately leading us to be clear what your distinct unique selling points are against your competitors.


✦ Agree on what future success will look like from this piece of strategic work and subsequent activities.


✦ Create persona profiles of your target audiences. No one size fits all so who are we targeting? Where will they find out about you? What type of content will be most effective?


✦ Get creative – we’re a team who love nothing more than bringing brands and people to life. By brainstorming together, we’ll add some magic to your offering – after all you want something no other company or competitor has, don’t you?

You’re in great company…

Businesses That Invest In Brand Strategy Workshops Experience A 23% Increase In Brand Equity Over Time.

The workshops take place in our studio, at a venue of your choice, or we can host virtual workshops if needed. They last between 4 to 6 hours depending on the scope of your work and size of your team. We’ll help you bring your concepts to life, leave inspired and excited for the rest of the journey, and with a few extra ideas under your belts!

As well as agreeing next steps, you’ll receive a post workshop summary document which is perfect for sharing with board members or the wider team to update them on the progress and creative journey. So, shall we get you booked in?