About What to expect

You’ll never be left in the dark with our unique alchemical process

We call it magic, but we promise it’s not just smoke and mirrors. We never cap on amends, instead we make sure you’re 100% happy and at the end of every stage, then you’ll approve sign off before we move on to the next, magical step.



Before we can start creating magic, we need to understand your brand. We want to know how you see your brand and what you value. As well as how your consumers see you and the things they care about most.



Next, we take the information you’ve given us and transform it into a dynamic, engaging script that evokes emotion-driven behaviour in your audience.


Concept art

Our animation wizards step in to bring your story to life with concept art. We’ll share our ideas for character styles, environments, colour palette, and the overall theme of your video. Your vision is starting to take shape.



You’ll receive samples of 3-5 professional voice over actors to choose from to star in your explainer video. If you need your video translated into additional languages, we can do that as well!



Our animation wizards sketch out each scene with annotations on how elements will move and transition. At this point, you’ll start to get a clear view of the full video in a panel format.



The magic is truly brewing, and your story is brought to life with motion, voice and music! Delightful. We’ll work to bring all the elements together to showcase your full animated video in all its glory.

With Tiny Wizard by your side, you’ll have a hard time blending in online. And your audiences will have an even harder time ignoring you

Captivate your audience like magic with animated explainer videos