About What to expect

What to expect (and what we expect from you)

Our alchemical process is designed to keep it simple, collaborative, and consistently compelling.

Here’s how the Tiny Wizard process empowers brands with the tools they need to market their products and services to generate real results.

We call it magic, but we promise it’s not just smoke and mirrors. At the end of every stage, you’ll sign off on the work before moving on to the next step.



Before we can start creating magic, we need to truly understand your brand; it’s storied past, its present challenges, and its ambitions for the future. We want to know how you see your brand and what you value, as well as how your consumers see you and what drives them.


Vision board

Just as there are different ways to tell the same story, there are several aesthetic possibilities for your brand to consider when developing its visual identity. So before we start crafting your logo and building your identity, we need to take a moment to explore these possibilities and collaboratively decide in which creative direction we want to go.



Now, the magic really begins with the creation of logo concepts. As these are born out of the information and insights uncovered in the Discovery stage, and then inspired and guided by the aesthetic developed in the vision board stage, they will expressly reflect the unique personality of your brand and be rooted to your values.



If the logo is the face of your brand, then the identity is how it lives in the world. It’s the visual language it speaks to connect with consumers and adapt to different environments. As important as the logo is, it is actually the identity that unites the brand across touch points, driving recognition and memorability.


Brand guidelines

In this final step, we create robust guidelines explaining every detail of how your new logo and identity works. An empowering tool to be used across your organisation, clearly explaining what to do and what not to do when creating brand communications. With this brand bible in hand, you and your team will have all you need to create powerful brand impact through compelling consistency.

With Tiny Wizard by your side, you’ll have a hard time blending in online. And your audiences will have an even harder time ignoring you

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